• – Books Made Awesome: E-book cover design by Damon. He created the cover for ENDWORLD – A Novel and I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to publish. His rates are reasonable, and his work is exquisite. I implore you to check him out. 
  • Damonza’s Awesome Book Layout: E-book and print formatting by Damon’s brother, Benjamin. He designed both the e-book and print designs for ENDWORLD – A Novel. I highly recommend him, as well, for the same reasons: A reasonable charge for a phenomenal job.


  • The Independent Author Network: Otherwise known as “IAN” or “#IAN1” on Twitter, IAN is a community of authors who are self-published or published by a small, indie press. It’s a one stop shop for hot, independent reads, not only books like ENDWORLD – A Novel but others from virtually every genre. Give it a look, and “#SupportIndieAuthors.”
  • The Indie Writer’s Network: This site was established for the purpose of connecting indie writers for support and success in the world of independent publishing.
  • Indie Review Tracker: “Take the puzzle out of promoting your book.” One of the toughest things to do as an “indie” is promote your product. You can polish and spit shine it all you want but if it doesn’t get exposure, i.e. reviews, it’s going to quickly become irrelevant. Indie Review Tracker is a nice place for authors, both independent and traditionally published, to connect with established reviewers and book review sites.

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