About Frank Marsh


So this has changed a bit. No longer a resident of Broomall, Pennsylvania, I now write and reside in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania with my daughters, Cara and Natalie, alias #NatNatBoo. I turned 43 last year and have committed myself since to letting life come to me, and appreciating the simple things more now than ever before.

My greatest joys are spending time with my family and friends, writing whatever, whenever and many times wherever I can, reading whatever I can get my hands on, going on long coddiwomples, walks or jogging and binge watching movies and television shows when I have decided that I am through Adulting for the day, week or month. I believe that everything is within my grasp and that anything can be achieved with heart and determination.

By comparison, the many ways and places to contact me if you desire to have NOT changed:

I also have an Author Page on Amazon, linkable HERE. Once upon a time, I tried to limit the size of my electronic footprint, but I discovered that doing so is counterproductive to establishing myself as an actual author and not just a guy who writes for fun. So I’m now whoring myself out to every site that will support me. Please, don’t judge me.

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