Hello, and welcome to the new receptacle for everything and anything related to ENDWORLD – A NOVEL and THE ENDWORLD SERIES. I’m creating this site per the advice of a friend, who cautioned me that launching a book, especially a self-published one with no formal backing is a daunting task. He further assured me that while my marketing plan was sound–building as big of an electronic footprint as I can and launching it simultaneously across it–it helps to have a website, committed to the book and it alone. Plus, he reasoned, “www.randommusingsofapseudomadman.com“–my blog–is a bit difficult to type. So I created www.theendworldseries.wordpress.com (I haven’t bought the domain name yet; I may do that in the near future) in the hope of limiting the amount of finger-work you have to do at your computers/on your tablets/on your cellphones to find me. To find anything and everything related to ENDWORLD – A NOVEL and the forthcoming ENDWORLD SERIES.

You can find more information on both the book that I am publishing and the others that I have planned (HINT: There are two other planned, direct sequels and potentially up to three or four other books: A prequel trilogy and a final book in the series) via the accompanying tabs, “About ENDWORLD – A NOVEL” and “About THE ENDWORLD SERIES.” Don’t get your hopes up, though: My plan as of right now is only to write a trilogy. If it ends up being bigger? Well, to employ an old cliche, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

This space–my “HOME” page–will be what I call my “Endworld Blog” or something similar (and as soon as I decide on something other than just “HOME” I promise you’ll be the first to know). Which means that if it tanks, this is where you’ll see me lamenting the amount of time I spent working on it–almost 20 years–and cursing its existence. Hopefully I won’t have to do that. Hopefully people will be interested in the story and the characters that comprise it and will want to read more. I honestly don’t know. In truth? It’s a mystery. But I’m confidant in what I created. Hopefully that confidence will not be shattered.

Over on my blog, “Random Musings of a Pseudo-Madman” I call entries like this one a “Quick Hit.” I’m not going to call them that here. The guy who maintains that site–he calls himself “The Madchronicler”–is separate but equal to me, i.e. we’re one in the same but we have two very distinct voices. That may sound borderline schizophrenic to you but I promise you: It’s not. I’m not. I just write fiction differently than I write non-fiction. And THE ENDWORLD SERIES is a work of fiction, despite the fact that certain characters and locales in it may seem real. If you’re interested, please explore this site further. There’s not a lot to it yet, but there soon will be. Thanks for stopping by.

Je t’aime. 


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