A Long Overdue Update

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or night, everyone. I know that it’s been a while and I hope that my absence hasn’t soured you on me or my writing. ‘Course, I haven’t been doing much writing lately. To recap? I started a new job back in early December of 2013 and have been focused primarily on that since. I’ve wanted to write… have even started a blog entry or two since, but nothing has made it past “draft” stage.

The situation with CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD is, unfortunately, a similar one. That book remains 280 or so pages to the good. I have about 100 or so left to write and hope to be doing so again in the very near future. But first, I need to read and revise what I’ve written. I’m relatively confident that the story is still “there” (and by “there,” I mean here in my head as I’m typing with Pink Floyd playing over my headphones, “The Voice” on the TV in front of me and my beloved wife Nicole sitting beside me). I just need to revisit what I’ve already composed. I’ve learned over the last however many years that I’ve been writing that consistency is the key. It needs to flow. Hopefully I’m through the first 280 plus and banging out the last 100 soon. I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

This isn’t going to be a long entry. I honestly don’t have a lot to report outside of what I just mentioned. But I would like to take a moment and bring you up to speed on the few, minor things that I have done since I last “stopped” by my website. So…

  • Pre-Christmas, I lowered the eBook price of ENDWORLD – A NOVEL from $3.99 to $1.99. I was only going to do this over the holidays, but New Year’s rolled around, I thought about it a bit and decided to leave it. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, this process–writing and publishing–has never been about money for me. It’s about creating something lasting that people, I hope, enjoy. So if a $1.99 price point makes the eBook more affordable to more people? So be it. I will keep it as such moving forward. That said, if you haven’t read it yet and you’re thinking about doing so, now’s a great time to pick it up! Check it out on Amazon for your Kindle, at Barnes and Noble (dot com) for your Nook, in the iBookstore for your iPad or iPhone… or just go to the “Where to Buy ENDWORLD – A NOVEL” tab of this website. And if you read it and loved it, recommend it to your friends, family, associates… whoever! In addition…
  • If you read and loved ENDWORLD – A NOVEL… heck, if you just liked it a lot or maybe just a little, please let me know about it. It’s been sitting at eight reviews on Amazon, two reviews on Barnes and Noble and a handful of reviews on Goodreads for as long as I can remember. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I’m very confident in what I wrote. I think it’s a good story (albeit a bit long in the tooth as one or two people have told me) and most everyone that I’ve spoken with feels the same. But the only way it’ll ever be recognized as more than just some random guy’s vain attempt at self-publication is if it gets exposure. And it’ll only get that with more reviews. So please… please post your thoughts on it where others can see them. And my earlier offer of one free eCopy for a review stands. If you want to take me up on it, comment here, email me (madchronicler@verizon.net), message me on FB (https://www.facebook.com/frankmarshauthor), “Tweet” me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/fmarshauthor), or just go to the “About Frank Marsh” tab of this website. You’ll see a whole myriad of ways that you can drop me a line. Thanks!

Ladies and gentlemen? Friends, Romans, countrymen and women? That’s all I’ve got to say tonight! Work comes early and I’ve got a few other things that I need to do before I tag and bag my day. Let me take a brief moment and thank you all again for your ongoing support of me and my writing. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that even now, almost a year after I first published ENDWORLD – A NOVEL, people are still buying it. I’ll not lie: It’s a total rush to look at my rankings on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sites and occasionally see a spike in sales. I look forward to bringing you it’s sequel in the near future. Perhaps not as “near” as I originally envisioned, but I promise it won’t be 19 years.

CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD is coming. I vow it. And one thing that you should know about me? I keep my promises.

G’Night, all!


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