July Promotions for ENDWORLD – A Novel and CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and Happy July! If you’re anything like me you’re looking forward to a month full of days off, beaches, mountains… whatever your chosen destination! Even a staycation if that’s your thing.

Who doesn’t love reading a good book while relaxing? I pride myself on bringing one or more with me when I head for points north, south, east or west. That said, I’m running a couple of promos this month in celebration of my favorite month of the summer!

The first? I’m dropping the price on the CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD eBook, across all platforms for the month of July to $1.50 EACH! If you’ve been meaning on picking up a copy of my latest novel and Book Two of The Endworld Series, now’s the time! Links to buy can be found on the “Where to Buy” page of this website so click HERE, or head on over and check ’em out!

To sweeten the pot? I’m also going to bring back my FREE BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW promo from a few years ago. Both books–CHILDREN especially–are in need of reviews and if you’re willing to write one, I’m willing to provide you with a free copy of either book in whatever format you choose, including paperback! Yes, that’s how serious I am and how confident I am that you’ll enjoy this story. If you head over to the “About Me” page of this website you’ll see the various ways you can reach out to me. Don’t hesitate to do so! Click HERE. I’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, and perhaps MOST exciting: Beginning on Saturday, July 6th and and running through Sunday, July 10th, Book One of The Endworld Series, ENDWORLD – A Novel will be FREE… yes, I said FREE on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. E-format only. If you’re a paperback person like me there is a way you can get your hands on a free copy. See the above paragraph. All you have to do is write a review. Good, bad, indifferent or just “meh.” Whatever you choose!

That’s it! Any questions, concerns et al you know where to reach me. Thanks as always for your patronage! Have a terrific month!



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