A Cherry Blossom Blooms in ENDWORLD

There may be one or two people out there, wondering why yours truly–a writer of Dystopian Science Fiction–just changed his website header picture from the cover of his first book to a picture of, of all things, a Cherry Blossom. Well? The answer is twofold and relatively simple:

1. I discovered this morning that I had a Cherry Blossom in my backyard–hence the picture; not a stock shot but one that I took myself–when I woke up, home with a couple of sick minions to find it in full bloom. Cherry Blossoms are my favorite tree and had you told me, before I bought this house last September that it had one in it’s backyard? Yeah. I would have paid full asking to ensure I got it. Because…

2. Cherry Blossoms symbolize renewal. And the last half year has been all about that for me. New beginnings… Starting over… If you read my blog Random Musings you know the litany at this point. I’m not going to belabor you any more with my life story. But it really has been about endings and beginnings, which brings me to…

The significance of renewal to CHILDREN OF ENDWORLD and, more specifically, HEAVEN AND ENDWORLD. No spoiler alert (I promise) but I wrote CHILDREN whilst dealing with… Many of the issues that caused me to end up HERE, in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and not in Broomall where I resided and wrote for almost 13 years. You should know–and you will in a few weeks–that CHILDREN really is the end of one story and the beginning of another one. It reflects the transition that I am going through in my life presently. And ever since I moved here/started this new, oft times bizarre, many times quiet new life of mine I’ve been looking for signs. Omens. And to have this happen today? Well. If that’s not a GOOD omen then I don’t know what is.

So I tell you, my friends, family and oft time casual readers now that HEAVEN? It will have a Cherry Blossom in it. Blossoms perhaps. Both physically, and figuratively. Because renewal is something to embrace, not run from. Life changes. And if you don’t embrace the changes when they happen and make the best of them you run the risk of becoming bitter. No matter how hard it gets… No matter how difficult and different my life becomes I will always, ALWAYS embrace the changes.

Even in Endworld, folks, there is still and always will be beauty to be found. Physical. Emotional. And spiritual. Even in the darkest of days there will always be hope. Never forget that. I sure the hell won’t. I’ve got a Cherry Blossom in my backyard, now, to always remind me.


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